The store provides a selection from around 3000 food items, similar to the number of selections carried by a Trader Joe’s. Because the store does not have the floor space of a supermarket, the store philosophy is to carry two alternatives of any product: one that meets the requirements of the budget shopper and one that satisfies the wishes of the  specialty shopper. Most of the staples are supplied by Sobey’s/Thrifty’s independent warehouse while many of the products in the specialty line are supplied by either natural food distributors like PSC/Horizon, Tree of Life or UNFI, or gourmet food distributors products like Lekkar or Dovre Imports.  Preference is always given to local producers, and there are so many talented growers in the south end.  Some of our team members are also producers, so you may meet the lady who grew the organic lettuce you purchase, or may chat with the baker of the natural dog biscuits.

Retail grocery products are the major component of items available for purchase but the in house, “made from scratch” items continue to increase. We are committed to using the best ingredients, for the purpose of providing the tastiest outcomes. For example, our scones are made with whipping cream, not milk; our hamburger patties are freshly prepared, not frozen; our pizza dough is made in house free hand over three days rather than purchased frozen on a paper platter.

The store continues the tradition of  being the hub of Fulford Village life. A grocery store has existed in this location since 1964, except for the brief period when Patterson’s closed in Sept. 2011 and the Mercantile opened in April 2012.